Privacy Policy

The trust and confidence you place in Meddux Development Corporation are as important to us as is your satisfaction with our services. That is why we fully respect your privacy and take all necessary steps to protect each and every piece of information about you that we may garner.

We publish this privacy statement because we want you to know of our commitment to your privacy, as well as to be in accordance with business codes of ethics and the law. Our commitment extends to any personal information we learn of regarding clients, prospective clients, employees, and service partners.

Meddux follows these privacy procedures and principles:

  • Meddux endeavors to preserve the accuracy of customer information. Questions or concerns by customers regarding the accuracy of customers’ personal information will be addressed in a timely manner.
  • The employees of Meddux are responsible for the protection of customer information. Each employee with access to personal customer information is responsible for complying with our privacy policies and commitments.
  • Meddux will only use personal information in accordance with applicable law.

Meddux may collect information on clients, prospective clients, and others from a number of sources, including websites, applications, public records, and other sources. We collect information for the sole purpose of providing superior customer service.

Any non-public personal information will not be disclosed about our clients or former clients. Our aim is to better assess and understand the needs of our customers, and prospective customers, and then recommend and provide services that meet their needs.

We reserve the right to amend, modify or change at any time and for any reason, our privacy policies and this Privacy Statement. Any changes will be published here. You can request updates or more information by contacting us at +1 (720) 675-7154 (US only),  or