Why do you need a Design, Development, and Manufacturing Partner?

Why do you need a Design, Development, and Manufacturing Partner?

From brainstorming ideas to bringing them to life in the market, the journey is filled with twists and turns that require careful navigation and experience. Having the right partner is key as you traverse from early design to commercial launch.  In this article we outline key advantages of using a Contract Design and Manufacturing Organization (CDMO) and why Meddux is your expert guide to bring your idea to life.

Access to technical expertise and experience – Don’t reinvent the wheel!

To successfully develop a new medical device, you must be laser-focused on managing and reducing risk. The choice should be evident if you had to choose between learning something for the first time or hiring a team that has done it before. 

It will always cost more and take longer to trudge a new path, learning as you go. Hire a team that knows your technical space and can apply critical knowledge and experience to your program.

Capital efficiency – Control burn rate by turning variable costs into fixed costs

Is your team as lean as it needs to be? Do you really want to increase your burn rate with more full-time hires? Are you struggling to hire qualified people? A Design, Development, and Manufacturing partner can work as an extension of your team and amplify the available resources when you need them most. 

All early-stage companies transition from early discovery, where substantial R&D resources are necessary, to late-stage development, where experienced manufacturing and quality personnel become crucial. Finally, they proceed to clinical operations, where the focus shifts to controlling the burn rate. 

A Design, Development, and Manufacturing partner can help you drive capital efficiency, allowing you to turn fixed costs into variable costs and get the right resources on your team precisely when you need them.

Avoid building unnecessary brick-and-mortar

Building manufacturing in-house requires a significant investment in operational infrastructure. You will need to invest and develop full operational capabilities, from warehousing, receiving inspection, cleanroom assembly, and finished goods management to staffing your operation with qualified personnel. You will also need a robust Quality Management System to effectively handle Supplier Management, MRP/ERP planning, Purchasing Controls, and Corrective Action/Preventive Actions. 

Early on, these resources may be poorly utilized as the business’s needs go from sprint to wait. An effective operational infrastructure evolves over time based on continuous improvement efforts. Do you really want to start from scratch? Working with a partner that has already developed effective and efficient processes can de-risk your commercialization strategy. 

Moreover, you should identify a partner that can fully bridge from early design into manufacturing, alleviating the concern of working with a contract manufacturer that does not fully understand your device or your clinical application and may not have the right resources to make that critical transition.

Access a network of suppliers and leverage selected relationships

Managing an effective supply chain starts with relationships. Many early-stage companies overlook that component suppliers willing to participate in your early development are making a long-term investment in the success of your product and company. Considerable resources are spent delivering quick-turn prototypes, aligning manufacturing methods, resolving design issues, and expediting delivery. How do you get your suppliers to work for you and jump when you need them most? Relationships. 

By hiring the right Design, Development, and Manufacturing partner, you can access a pre-qualified network of suppliers and benefit from pre-existing long-term relationships. Getting downstream suppliers to jump suddenly becomes easier.

Experience navigating Medical Device Design & Development Planning

Bringing a new medical device to the market is complex. You must fully understand Design Controls, Risk Management, Design Verification and Validation test strategies, including details like Biocompatibility Testing, Sterilization Testing, Package Integrity Testing, and Shelf-Life Testing. An effective Design, Development, and Manufacturing partner can put together an effective strategy that is unique to the needs of your product and company. 

Most importantly, ask yourself how many people on your team have taken multiple  programs from start to finish and have experience with all aspects of product realization. The right Design, Development, and Manufacturing team has executed hundreds of programs and can bring relevant experience in all aspects of product realization.

Design and Manufacturing Partner

Integrating the CDMO Approach

Boldly embracing the Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization (CDMO) approach as an organizational strategy enhances the trajectory of your medical device project. By tapping into the specialized expertise and resources offered by a CDMO like Meddux, you augment your capabilities and streamline your path to success. 

With a CDMO, you gain access to a comprehensive suite of services, including user-centered design, product development, custom process development, and contract manufacturing, all under one roof. This integrated approach not only accelerates your project timeline but also ensures seamless coordination and efficiency at every stage of development. Essentially, working with the right Design, Development, and Manufacturing partner can significantly de-risk and expedite your product development program. 

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