Employee Spotlight – Paul Mountford

Paul Mountford Employee Spotlight

Professional and Personal Background

As a program manager at Meddux for almost two years, Paul manages medical device projects from inception to commercial production. He focuses on constructing efficient project plans to effectively push products through design controls, verification and validation testing, and into the clinic. He enjoys leading his project’s team members and navigating his programs through the unsettling waters of medical device development. He contributes all his projects’ success to the effective systems put in place by Meddux and the tenacious engineers he has the privilege of leading.

Paul completed his undergraduate degree in mechanical engineering in 2010 and pursued a PhD in biomedical engineering at the University of Colorado. In 2015, he successfully defended his doctoral thesis, which focused on the molecular thermodynamics of super-heated lipid microparticles for targeted drug delivery and enhanced ultrasound imaging.

His career began at a startup in Connecticut that worked on utilizing gaseous microparticles in combination with ultrasound to help with cerebral clot removal for the treatment of ischemic stroke patients. Later, he co-founded a company with his graduate advisor, focusing on the delivery of oxygen to a body cavity for treating lung-compromised patients.

Industry Insights

Paul has observed significant changes in the medical device industry since the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank. He notes a decrease in investor funding, leading to fewer startups and a focus on high-billing innovations like robotic surgery by major players. With the focus and hype around robotic surgery, Paul worries that many medical device companies overlook technological improvements that could immediately improve patient care and outcomes.

Looking to the future, Paul is optimistic about the potential of cell and gene therapies. He envisions a future where early detection and treatment of diseases through proteomics and cellular therapies could reduce the need for mechanical surgical interventions. His advice to newcomers in the industry is to maintain a big-picture perspective, focus on the broader impact of their work, and incorporate robust risk mitigation and quality practices.

Personal Interests

Paul is passionate about mountain biking and spending time with his wife and son outside of work. He practices a work-hard, play-hard lifestyle by continuously improving upon his own time management skills. Maintaining a strict daily agenda allows him to exercise, work a full day at Meddux, ride bikes with his son, and hang out with his best friend, his wife. Paul emphasizes the importance of eating real food, which he believes greatly impacts his overall output and well-being. He draws inspiration from youth, seeing their determination and drive as a source of motivation for his own work. Personally, his wife is his anchor, teaching him patience and the importance of remaining calm amidst the chaos.

Vision and Values

Paul values quality over quantity in work, focusing on the outputs rather than the hours. He believes in transparency and honesty, which fosters effective communication and swift course correction when needed. Looking ahead, Paul hopes to continue mentoring young engineering minds in a research and development or technical business development capacity. He aims to lead a team, sharing his knowledge and experience to inspire the next generation while continuing to learn from them.

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