Employee Spotlight – Josh Goetz

Employee Spotlight - Josh Goetz


At Meddux, we’re proud to spotlight one of our leaders, Josh Goetz. As the Director of Engineering, Josh brings a depth of experience and a passion for product development. This detailed profile examines Josh’s professional journey, his views on the industry, his personal life, and the values guiding him at work and beyond.

Professional Journey

Personal connections and a desire to engineer impactful products shaped Josh’s entry into the medical device industry. A graduate of the University of Colorado-Boulder, with an undergraduate and a master’s degree in mechanical engineering, Josh credits his family—his father an engineer and his sister a doctor—as influential in his career choice.

His professional path began with a summer internship facilitated by Meddux President Dave Schechter, which introduced him to the field and ignited his love for medical device development. This passion led him through various roles, from an entry-level engineer at TDC Medical, which later became Vention Medical, to a program manager and an international stint in Israel, setting up a facility to help local clientele develop novel technologies.

Now, Josh is the Director of Engineering at Meddux. He oversees projects and enjoys mentoring his team and launching impactful medical products.

Industry Insights

Josh has witnessed first-hand the evolution of the medical device sector, particularly the shift towards minimally invasive and interventional devices. His expertise lies in energy-based surgical devices and interventional therapies, areas he believes are critical for future advancements. He believes the increasing role of AI and big data in medical technologies has the potential to revolutionize patient care through more personalized and efficient treatments.

Personal Interests

Away from the complexities of engineering, Josh finds balance in sports, music, and family life. An avid basketball player, Josh chose engineering over a potential college sports career. He also enjoys playing guitar and learning new skills while stumbling through home improvement projects.

Family is a cornerstone of Josh’s life. He met his wife in Israel, and together, they have embraced life in Colorado, where they look forward to raising their family. With a new baby on the way and a supportive network of family and friends, Josh treasures his time at home as much as his time at Meddux.

Vision and Values

Josh envisions a continued career at Meddux, driven by a passion for mentorship and product development. He is enthusiastic about continuing to learn and develop expertise that would allow him to step into the role of Chief Technology Officer someday. His core values of loyalty, commitment, and perseverance shine through his work and personal life, and he draws inspiration from the dedicated team at Meddux.

Over his career in the medical device industry, Josh has cultivated many strong relationships all over the world. When the opportunity arises to collaborate with friends in the industry, Josh finds the work extremely fulfilling and rewarding.

Closing Thoughts

Josh Goetz’s story is more than a career biography; it’s a testament to the power of passion, mentorship, and innovation in the medical device industry. At Meddux, his leadership drives technological advancements and cultivates a culture of dedication and precision, reflecting the company’s commitment to improving patient care through groundbreaking medical solutions.

As Meddux continues to grow and impact the medical device landscape, Josh’s journey from an eager intern to a visionary leader remains a central narrative in our story of success and innovation.

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