Employee Spotlight – Jordan Mason

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Professional and Personal Background

Jordan Mason, a Staff Process Engineer at Meddux, with over a decade of medical device development and manufacturing experience. He graduated cum laude from California Polytechnic State University Pomona with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering. His career began at Vention Medical, later acquired by Nordson Medical, where he excelled as a Product/Process Development Engineer and expanded into an Engineering Manager role before transitioning to Meddux. Jordan’s expertise lies in complex interventional delivery systems, i.e., cardiovascular devices, ischemic stroke treatment tools, peripheral interventions, tumor treatments, and devices for neurological disorders.

Industry Insights

Jordan has observed considerable changes in the medical device industry, particularly the rise of minimally invasive procedures. Integrating sensors, cameras, and robotics into medical devices has democratized complex procedures, making them safer and more accessible to a broader range of physicians. However, the environmental impact of plastic waste remains a significant concern, highlighting the industry’s need for sustainable solutions. Jordan anticipates continued advancements in device simplicity, safety, and efficacy, focusing on reducing procedural times, minimizing patient exposure to anesthesia and radiation, and enhancing imaging and sensor technologies.

Personal Interests

Outside of his professional life, Jordan has diverse interests that keep him energized and balanced. He is a snowboarder and music enthusiast, attending numerous concerts with his wife, a shared passion they’ve enjoyed for over a decade. Jordan is also deeply involved in off-roading, building a custom rock crawler—a 1988 Toyota 4Runner with extensive modifications. These hobbies reflect his adventurous spirit and dedication to fulfilling his personal life.

Vision and Values

Jordan’s core values of honesty, integrity, and communication guide his professional and personal life. He believes in transparency and taking ownership of one’s actions, fostering trust and accountability. His personal inspiration stems from his resilience following a serious injury, driving his determination to be self-sufficient and successful. Professionally, Jordan aspires to continue pushing the boundaries of medical device innovation at Meddux. He envisions contributing to the company’s growth, potentially taking on an engineering management role, and further enhancing his career prospects. His long-term vision includes possibly pursuing an MBA to broaden his skill set and career opportunities.

Final Thoughts:

Jordan Mason’s journey is a testament to his resilience, expertise, and passion for the medical device industry. His professional achievements and his personal interests and values paint a picture of a dedicated and multifaceted individual. As he continues to innovate and excel at Meddux, Jordan’s commitment to improving patient outcomes and advancing medical technology remains unwavering.

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