Employee Spotlight – Chad Follmar

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Professional and Personal Background

Meet Chad Follmar, a Staff Product Engineer at Meddux, who has carved a unique path in the healthcare and life sciences sector. Chad’s journey began over 30 years ago while in college as a Co-Op in a product development team. Over the past 20 years, Chad has honed his medical device expertise in various areas, including diagnostics, capital equipment, and navigated surgery. His decision to join Meddux was driven by a desire to work on products that directly contact patients.

Chad has previously coordinated large teams while developing technical leadership in others. For Chad, being on the service side of product development is more than just delivering solutions; it’s about truly understanding client needs to create exceptional products.

Industry Insights

Chad has witnessed significant technological advancements throughout his career that have revolutionized product development. He recalls the dawn of SLA (stereolithography) and how far rapid prototyping has evolved. Today, the ability to test and iterate quickly has become a cornerstone of the medical device industry, thanks to tools and technologies that generate high-quality models to test and burn down risk.

Chad highlights the importance of leveraging communication, planning, and collaboration tools to enhance productivity. These tools have enabled seamless integration with clients and colleagues, fostering a more integrated and efficient development process. However, he also notes that the effectiveness of these tools depends on their strategic use.  He strongly believes there is no substitute for face-to-face interaction at key moments.

Personal Interests

When he’s not at work, Chad is an avid outdoor enthusiast. His love for the outdoors includes cross-country and backcountry skiing, biking, water activities, camping, and hiking. Additionally, Chad has a passion for the arts, particularly photography, which provides a creative outlet. He also enjoys traveling and live music.

Vision and Values

Chad believes in the importance of integrity, honesty, and collaboration, both professionally and personally. He values working with passionate and motivated individuals with diverse perspectives and skills. His approach to product development is customer-focused; he strives to empathize with client needs to deliver innovative and effective solutions. Maintaining a high level of integrity ensures that his work is always grounded in truth and transparency.

Looking ahead, Chad envisions himself continuing to lead teams in bringing innovative products to market hat improve patient lives.

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